Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I had never imagined the impossible
Never thought this would happen
But how could I deny
What was right in front of me
It was like looking in a mirror
But it wasn't exactly the same
She looked so much like me, only prettier
Slimmer, fitter, better in every way
She smiled at me
The same smile I knew too well
But something wasn't right
Something was missing

Chaos came next
My body petrified, my mind dazed
I couldn't move, I couldn't see
A second seemed like an hour,
A minute was eternity
When the fog cleared,
She wasn't there anymore
But yet she was, I could sense it
And soon I found out
She spoke to me, but
The sound came from my mouth
Then I realized, I wasn't me
Anymore, I was her
The missing was soul
Now she had one, mine
And I was trapped for life.

Hello all! This is the result of my imagination while I was studying for an exam.
Hope you like it. Do leave a comment. Thanks!