Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth

The online social network has provided us with an amazing opportunity to stay connected with the world. One can say, the impossible is now possible. We can talk, share pictures, ideas, etc. with someone sitting in another part of the world in less than a second. Interaction with celebrities and leaders is now just a click away. That’s pretty amazing. But all of this also comes with a side effect. This virtual world created for the youth has become an integral part of their life. They are so engrossed that they hardly remember how to socialize in reality. 

The social media has also given us a platform to speak our mind. We can tweet, blog, comment our opinions and share it with the world. This has helped us convey our ideas on the internet which was not possible before. But, the youth tends to get carried away while expressing their views. We forget that on the other end of the screen there is a real person sitting who may not like your outspoken nature. Nowadays, with the easily accessible internet and social media applications available on our smartphones, the harassment cases have also increased. As a result, cyber-crime cases have grown to an alarming number.

It is said, ‘Excess of everything is bad.’ We use these online services every day in our lives. But the addiction of social media has had a serious impact on us. The youth is lost in the number of status updates and tweets. They judge each other on the basis of their online popularity. For example, number of likes and comments on a profile picture, followers on twitter, etc.

The world of cyber space benefits us in numerous ways. But it is our duty to understand the limit in which this platform is to be used.  

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