Wednesday, March 6, 2013


"And they lived happily ever after."
This is the end to almost every love story we read. We have been listening these ever since we were born. Even if it's not a love story, there will be a happy ending.
I love these stories, don't get me wrong. It feels nice to learn that at least in the fiction world someone is happy. And the heart wants to escape into their world and never come back.

"You want what everybody wants. Love that consumes you, you want adventure, and little bit of danger."
I heard this line in a tv show. It's true. Life becomes dull and boring. Unlike the lives of our beloved characters. They have their high school life shown in 4 seasons of one hour shows with every show being more dramatic than the last. And we all watch it every week with more excitement.

The truth is, real life isn't so interesting. At least my life isn't. If my life was to be turned into a tv show or written into a book, it'll be the biggest flop of the century. True story.
I don't have billionaire parents or loaded trust funds. I never had a single entry in my passport, even though it has been renewed 3 times. I don't know any vampires or werewolves. I don't have a funny group of friends who I meet everyday in a bar. I don't have any special talents.

I am just your ordinary girl. Who dreams to be someone someday, but till now is confused as to what is the aim of her life. Who wants to make her parents proud. Who wants her dreams to come true.
I am just plain old me.