Sunday, June 20, 2010

My first year at college... :)

Hi ppl...

Now that the first year of our college life is over, everyone is thanking everyone by writing status updates on facebook or tagging pictures of one another and stuff like that... I really get emotional when i think that one year has seriously gone by... :(

I never knew that this year would be so wonderful. And also because i was enrolled in Section-10, the best section with the best people... Section-10 rocks...!!!
So...thank you all the students of 'Section-10'...!

Here i got my special group of friends...
We have always been there for each other, we have had loads of fun together...
Thank you Shweta Jamwal, Nitika, Priyanka Gulati, Anu, Puneet, Nimanpreet and Shefali for those moments of joy.
Thank you Surbhi and Aditya for always listening to me and supporting me. :)
Thank you Shambhavi and Deepthy for making the long journey to college everyday wonderful.
Thank you Rahul Bhola and Gaurav for trusting me.
Thank you Sukrit, Srishti and Shubhangi for helping me. ;)
Thank you Vinni, Silky, Akhil, Aman, Varinder and Ankita for being there.
Thank you Sahil Goel for letting us play jokes on you. :P
Thank you all whom i have got to know in this past year. I'm sorry i can't name everyone. :P
I would also like to thank our teachers who taught us in the past year. Thank you.
Lastly, i would thank my parents who got me admitted to this college... :)

As our sections would change...we may not meet each other regularly but i'll never forget you all...
I'll miss all of you...! [sob sob..] :(
And ppl...don't dare to forget me... ;) :P
God bless ya... :)
Luv u all...
tc... :)