Saturday, May 22, 2010

College and my life...

So guys and gals...let me tell you something about the college life that i have gathered in my one year of experience. is not just about studying and getting a degree. Its much more than that. It is actually about exploring all your potentials and giving it a go. You make new friends which are different from the old ones you made at school. You get to know so many kinds of people. We talk, we eat, we play, we fight, we share, we bond, we love, we live. Its all about being yourself with the others around you.
About me..i am doing computer science engineering and i like it. There are also a lot of advantages of getting into an engineering college. You get your own laptop to work on, plus you can use internet (yay!). You get a good amount of pocket money to spend. And there are many more... Its all about growing up and reaching up to your level of maturity.
We continue to learn something or the other all our life, but the years spent at college become the most memorable ones that we cherish even after we leave. We share our laughter and cries with friends. We have loads and loads of fun together. And we know that we'll cry when we remember these moments afterwards.
Joy and sorrow goes hand in hand. We learn to deal with both and grow up to be a better human being.
So much happens in this little part of life. And i hope my time will be nice too, thanks to my wonderful parents and friends...
Love u all... :)