Sunday, September 20, 2009

My day today...

Hello folks...! Happy Sunday!!
Today was a very boring day. Let me tell you what all happened.
I woke up in the morning at around 8 am. My father had already left for work. My mom was working on her blog.
I lazed around for sometime. Then me and my mom together prepared and had our breakfast.
I had an appointment for my haircut at 11 am, so I got that done.
As you know, tomorrow is Eid, so we had to do a little bit of setting of our home. While we were dusting, the electricity went off. There is this problem from the substation. It has been a week but there is no one to see to the matter. Hours went by but still no sign of electricity. We were sweating so much, still we had to have our lunch in the same condition.
Mom got very furious. We marched together to our campus office. And just imagine, the people there said even they are helpless. They maintenance work costs around 1 lakh and it has to be sanctioned by the administrator. The Administrator is enjoying himself in Delhi! When you call him he says he is not responsible for anything!! What the fish!!!!!
The office staff said they'll do whatever is in their hands. So we came back, disappointed.
The electricity came at around 5 pm. And they have made a temporary solution, not permanent. Phew!
I am writing this blog as well as farming on my farm in Farmville.
Now i have to go and help mom with some work.
See ya later.
Keep visiting!!